New Moon December

New Moons are a time to take care of yourself. Think of it like an empty jar, nothing there. We have a couple of weeks till the full moon to put out there our intentions, wishes, desires, goals and all the things that we want to become reality into that empty moon. As the weeks progress we see them fill the moon as it gets fuller and fuller.

You may believe or you don’t but why not? It’s a time to assess what you value, what you are striving for.

Many of us rush through each day, week, month, year with our heads down and never really look up. During this time of year when the night is happening earlier till the Solstice, go out, and look up. Especially this year when we have been forced to slow down, forced to maybe look within and, for some of us, we are not liking what we are seeing.

And to this I say then this is THE perfect time, the perfect moment to get up and go outside. See the stars in the blackness, ponder what could be. Because your future starts with that thought, ‘what if I……’

As the moon grows so should the energy around your goals and dreams. Let them fill up your thoughts, your emotions. If you do, watch your days, weeks, months start to shift to be more positive, more enjoyable, more fulfilling.

I would love to hear from you. Your story, your thoughts, goals and dreams. Please comment and share them here. This is a supportive and safe place. No names needed. This place is for all to come and share your story, as it is unique to you.

You’re supported here.

Published by Lisa Stergulz

I believe Magic Happens. You have to be open to it. Things and people come into your life for a reason. Be open to the possibilities. These days people are too quick to close out the world and say 'no' too quickly. I'm here to help you on your journey or to find a new one.

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