Yes, I know we are almost done with the first month of the year and I’m just getting around with my first post for 2021. Better late than never I say. But I’m finding that the days go faster and faster as I get older. Anyone else find that happens?

As we had the anti-climatic drop of the ball in New York at midnight with mostly wind sock people there it almost was like it didn’t happen. So I’m just getting around to feeling like a new year is finally starting Like I’ve turned a corner and starting down a wonderful new street that I’ve never been down before.

I had posted on Facebook on January 1st that this is a new book of 365 blank pages, make each a memorable one. Anyone do anything memorable yet? Did you have any new year’s resolutions that have started or are you like me and are finally getting around to starting them?

I’m trying to make myself get up in front of my computer to do things for ME after working in from of my business laptop all day. And as you can see by my lack of posting, I haven’t been able to do it till today. But today it begins for me. We have a full moon coming on the 28th and for those that follow the moon cycles, full moons are to forgive, release and let go of those things and/or people that no longer serve us. We forgive, wish them well release and let them go. Get rid of clutter, stuff and/or junk that doesn’t serve you. It’s a time of cleansing, purging out anything stagnant or negative and LET IT GO!

Let me know what you’re going to let go of. I hope to let go of some weight. HAHA.

Published by Lisa Stergulz

I believe Magic Happens. You have to be open to it. Things and people come into your life for a reason. Be open to the possibilities. These days people are too quick to close out the world and say 'no' too quickly. I'm here to help you on your journey or to find a new one.

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