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Yes, I know we are almost done with the first month of the year and I’m just getting around with my first post for 2021. Better late than never I say. But I’m finding that the days go faster and faster as I get older. Anyone else find that happens? As we had the anti-climaticContinue reading “2021”

New Moon December

New Moons are a time to take care of yourself. Think of it like an empty jar, nothing there. We have a couple of weeks till the full moon to put out there our intentions, wishes, desires, goals and all the things that we want to become reality into that empty moon. As the weeksContinue reading “New Moon December”

And so it Begins…..

October, Autumn, Halloween Season, my favorite time of year. This is the time that I take my journey inward and focus on me. There was a time when I had no idea what that meant. I used to come alive this time of year and write and create and do things that I enjoyed butContinue reading “And so it Begins…..”

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